Amycard 01C

  • is the leading innovative ECGI medical device on the market
  • is the only system which produces patient heart epi and endocardial activation Maps
  • is the only system compatible with MRI scans
  • brings heart information so far unavailable to clinicians
  • merges both Body Surface electrical Potentials (BSP) and scan images (CT and MRI)
  • includes the most performant inverse calculation numerical algorithms on the market
Amycard 01C – Acquisition and Mapping Units.
Amycard 01C – Acquisition and Mapping Units.
Disposable Electrodes.
Disposable Electrodes.

Amycard 01C Benefits

  • Amycard 01C delivers pre-operative, monitoring and follow-up informations useful to support diagnosis of complex hearth rhythm distrurbances.
  • Detailed topical and electrophysiological diagnosis support intends to help in the optimization of therapy and to reduce intra-operative time and we are making efforts to demonstrate this positive impact.
  • Risk of complications, fluoroscopy time and accordingly patient and personnel radiation exposures could be improved. Efforts are being made to bring the necessary evidence.
  • Optimization of cardiac resynchronization therapy is another area of possible benefits aiming to improve immediate as well as long-term results of therapeutic intervention.

Amycard 01C Applications

We are actively working in scientific protocols to bring evidence on the potential value of non-invasive electrophysiological cardiac in areas such as:

  • EP and topical diagnostics of challenging arrhythmia cases prior to surgery or interventional ablation procedures
  • Non-sustained and complex arrhythmias (Ventricular Tachycardia, VT)
  • Post-procedure evaluations, repeated arrhythmia diagnostics
  • EP studies of patients, for which catheter EP studies are not recommended or possible
  • Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT)
  • Atrial Fibrillation (AFib)

Amycard 01C Workflow

Amycard 01C is made of two main units:

  • Amplifier and Mapping Unit intended for simultaneous 224 channels ECG recording, processing and storage.
  • Processing and Visualization Unit intended for processing tomographic data and ECG body surface data for computing electrocardiographic maps.

After tomographic data and ECG signals have been acquired, they are transferred to the Processing and Visualization Unit.

The Processing and Visualization Unit allows segmentation of tomographic data, selection of heart beats to be processed and computation of the selected electrocardiographic map.

Amycard 01C workflow
Amycard 01C workflow